Krista McKeown

Krista McKeown, MA, LMFT, QMHP

Krista has over ten years experience in the mental health field providing outpatient mental health therapy and crisis intervention. Her experience includes helping families, couples, individuals and children find comfort resolving the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Krista treats a wide variety of mental health and relationship problems including: Marital and relationship problems, teenage struggles, anxiety, depression, life stressors, developmental disabilities, eating disorders, grief and loss, abuse in women and issues prevalent in our armed forces, including post-traumatic stress. She is also trained in EMDR, a specific therapy designed to treat trauma and other unresolved issues.

Krista’s approach to therapy includes practices that are specific to each person’s needs. This includes active listening to determine the correct approach to dealing with life’s challenges and building upon each individual’s strengths to address their needs. Krista works to provide a safe, sharing environment where problems can turn into solutions in a nurturing atmosphere. Through this approach, Krista hopes to bring comfort and healing to those in need.

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