Earl Witt


Earl has provided counseling services for teenagers and adults for over 24 years. He has extensive experience in working with individuals, couples, and families as they face the following challenges: marital discord, divorce, parenting, parent/teen conflicts, and blended families. Additionally, Earl helps clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, life stressors and transitions, grief and loss, substance abuse and addiction.

Earl is a certified Life Space Crisis Intervention Therapist. This training has provided him extensive experience in helping people deal with intense conflict by applying listening and compassion skills rather than judgment. When people are heard and understood, conflict deescalates, and relationship is restored.

Above all, Earl is a relationship therapist. He views all situations in the context of relationship and attempts to help clients find hope and healing within themselves and in their relationships. Earl is committed to providing safety, structure, and consistency so that each person feels accepted and valued just as they are. These values are grounded in Earl’s belief that God offers grace to all.

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